Established 1908


Merritt's most historical building, the Coldwater Hotel was named after the river that flows past Merritt and through the Coquihalla Pass. William McIntyre built the first Coldwater Hotel in 1908, a two story structure with 12 rooms located on the corner across the street from our present location.

With the influx of business because of the opening of the coal mines surrounding Merritt and an increase in the ranching economy, business expanded and the current Coldwater Hotel was officially opened in May 1910. The structure has three stories, with seven foot balconies, and fifty rooms. The cost of construction in those days was around $6,000. The Coldwater was a popular hotel and said to be one of the finest dollar-a-day hostelries in the interior of BC.

The Coldwater Hotel with its conspicuous copper dome is visible throughout the city and highlights the downtown core. The dramatic exterior of the hotel previews the elegance of the pub, restaurant and banquet room, reminiscent of the turn of the century architecture. Be sure to stop by the Old Barley Market liquor store to view the fine collection of antique swords, hardware and heavy horse gear.

Today, the Coldwater Hotel continues to serve as a meeting place for Nicola Valley residents and travelers who, from past experience or word of mouth, come to enjoy the quality services that have been tradition for over 100 years.